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  The Metal Disc for Cinema 4D
  Completely reworked version of the classical texture based edition

Metallic Surfaces

180 Cinema 4D materials in several layers cover most of the needs simulating metallic surfaces.
The materials are systematically sorted by 14 different metals (eg aluminium, iron, copper, brass, titanium etc).
Each texture used in the materials is seamlessly tileable, has a resolution of 1024x1024 pixels and is saved as a jpg bitmap in high quality.

Metallic Sounds

80 metallic sounds, including 10 machine sounds and 15 metallic button sounds, offer a lot of material for adding sound effects to 3D and multimedia projects.
Each sound is available in 8-bit and 16-bit stereo quality in wave format (.wav).


You can find all metallic surfaces in a catalog for a detailed and fast preview of the different materials.
The sounds are listed and can be played directly out of a PDF catalog.


A detailed instruction in PDF format helps to use the disc in an optimal way.
Each material comes with a carefully constructed C4D scene, directly to load from the CD, ready to render by every user, who has installed any version of Cinema 4D R 9.5 or higher (the old material files for R5 or higher are also
included in the "old stuff" folder).
The scenes can help to study the best mapping of the textures, the setup of a good environment and the definition of suitable settings for rendering.


25 bumpmaps and 25 alphamaps, all seamlessly tileable, in a 1024x1024 high quality resolution (catalogs included) and five completely textured metallic objects.

Free for commercial use!