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  The Metal Disc for Cinema 4D 
  Procedural Edition

Metallic Surfaces

180 procedural shaders for the 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering software Cinema 4D by MAXON, created using release 9.603.

The materials contain 20 different metal types:
Aluminium, lead, bronze, chrome, iron, gallium, gold, cobalt, copper, brass, nickel, niobium, platinum, plutonium, silver, titanium, uranium, vanadium, zinc and tin.

Examples >>>


All metal surfaces are included in a well arranged catalog.
This feature gives you a fast preview of the available materials and provides information with the help of a handy scale how fast they can be rendered (renderspeed).
A pdf document shows some basic properties of the different metals whose appearance is simulated by the shader collection.


Detailed instructions (How to use) help to achieve the best possible use of the CD.
Every single material comes with a carefully builded C4D scene file which can  directly be loaded ready to render from the CD by any user who has installed Cinema 4D 9.5 or better.
The scenes make it easier to find the optimal mapping of the shaders,  a well adapted environment and suitable settings for the rendering..


A preset library (.lib4d) for the Content Browser is included.
Using this feature you have access to all metal shaders out of the programm
any time.


Download 3 free samples!